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Artist - Origami Horses

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Origami Horsesazad

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Last update: 08/21/12 04:25:54
Account: Artist

Signed up: 08/17/12
Members: John D , George H & Guests
Genre: Alternative Rock
Influences: Pavement , Polvo , Velvet Underground , Ty Seagall , The Pixies
Website: http://origamihorses.bandcamp.com/


Formed in Canerbury UK in winter 2011

John & George and a collective of sometimes collaberators 

Angular , dissonant guitar tune is our aim .

Collaberate with Evil Speakers , a local label run by John & Ian , the engineering wizzards .

Debut Single Surveillance Suits You released March 2012

Debut EP Music For Soundtracks released May 2012

Latest EP In Monochrome  released end of August 2012

Summer 2012 - 6 date tour of Holland & Germany

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By Origami Horses 08/21/12 Reply

ORIGAMI HORSES – Music For Soundtracks EP CD-EP Describing themselves as “alt-rock” is probably a good idea as this is certainly alternative. Hailing from Canterbury, they give us a 5 and a half minute lead and title track that's thrown the rule book out the window. The song goes through more twists and turns than Hampton Court Maze yet somehow comes out with this distinct air of cohesion and you actually feel that they know what they're doing. It starts with deep twangy bass and slowly lurching drumming before delicate ringing guitars enter and the multi-tracked vocals sound lazy and bored, but intentionally so. Then this chiming lead guitar enters, the vocals glide into a high-flying chorus with Beach Boys styled harmonies before it all grinds to a halt to leave the sound of an organ fuzzing along over which a phased menacing voice intones before the drums kick in, the guitars chime and ring out while the backing vocals give the refrain of the origina chorus a good run for its money. Then it settles down to the twangy bass, twangy rhythm guitar and chiming lead guitar to take on that languid feel once more before a final flurry into the main body of the chorus. It ends with stuttering lead guitars ringing out over deep and dirty bass, a lead guitar taking centre stage, the drums returning and the whole thing rising up and back into that chorus. It shouldn't work but it does, and one of those tracks that's not instant but endears itself to you the more time you give it. The slightly less than 4 minute “Honey” in a sense follows a similar path only becomes more of a menacing anthem with a broodingly powerful undercurrent while the 2 and a half minute “The Knowledge” turns a kind of punk-y attitude to math-rock on its head as they provide stumbling beats against rowdy vocals before driving into a song with garage vocals, New Order bass throb, twangy rhythm guitars, sizzling leads and a shudder of a beat – definitely “alt-rock”. Overall, it's strange but it's done well – it's interesting in the sense that I've not heard anything quite like this, but will it work a place into your heart? Time will tell..... Andy Garibaldi (Dead Earnest) 05-12

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By Origami Horses 08/21/12 Reply

Album, Single and Download Reviews Origami Horses Music For Soundtracks Evil Speaker EVSP 04 Released: 2012 MP3s don’t spin round like vinyl and it is a (scientifically unproven) fact that some music seems designed for vinyl. Some music like that of Canterbury band Origami Horses. Even their very name suggests convolution if not revolution.
And so it is that Origami Horses took their musical world and started it spinning round in semi psychedelic trippy time. As a starter, the title track, “Music For Soundtracks”, sets sail for the west coast of America sometime in the hazy past and it is, perhaps unsurprisingly, in no hurry to get there. “Honey”, in contrast, seems more focussed, more rooted in Britpop and the Stone Roses while “The Knowledge” edges more towards spirited, chant driven Euro rock on a mission and a guitar powered groove mission at that. Origami Horses have some good ideas here and they make their low budget work for them. Perhaps vinyl will indeed be in their future drawn from the past but in the meantime, spin your iPod round this one. The EP is available as a free download from Bandcamp. Review by: Bluesbunny

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