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Artist - Tgm85

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Last update: 08/09/13 06:14:18
Account: Producer original

Signed up: 07/17/11
Genre: Electronic
Website: http://soundcloud.com/tgm85


Just love making music.
TGM85 is Chris Leaver,Chris was born in Herefordshire 1985, he then moved to Somerset to begin his life in the chilled out south west, his life was never the same again.
Chris learnt various musical intruments throughout his school life. Chris started producing music at the age of 14 with a free copy of dance ejay. He then moved on to Rap age 16 and recorded a demo with 2 close friends at Sawmills Studios Fowey. This went down quite well but nothing really came out of it.
Chris then went to college and completed a National Diploma in Music Technology/Pop Music. From there Chris developed a passion for electronic music. He went on from college to get a job in an engineering firm to pay for his addictive thirst to produce electronic music.
Chris has been buying and selling bits of music gear learning their uses and tricks as he went. he is an avide reader of Future Music magazine and keeps up to date with current technology.
Now at this point he has Developed a unique sound and style to his music and continues to develop this everyday.
2011 has already started off a great year for Chris his Ep is still due for release anyday now. The comments about the tracks have been really positive and one of the tracks has been dropped on Skeme's Nu Breed show on Globalfunkradio.com
Chris is now working on new tracks and is looking for offers from labels to release them.
Chris is currently using Cubase studio 4, NI Komplete 5, M-Audio Axiom pro49 or Korg Microkey...plus many more plugins due to his family growing and space for his hardware set up being lost to his son.
If anyone would like to collaberate just message Chris on here or through any of the social network sites he is linked to above.

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